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‘Werklust de Panoven’ (Panoven’s willingness to work) is a project that is developing an integrated and supervised work-study programme, developed for students and vulnerable young people. The programme offers various aids and activities, such as help with living on your own, training in civilisation, gaining skills to decrease the distance to the labour market, and programmes/courses/training to gain qualifications, part-time certificates and diplomas for the labour market. We are developing this programme to be able to offer these students and young people something to do so that all the green areas and buildings at Panoven Country Estate and other environmental and culture historic heritage sites in the Netherlands can be maintained and conserved. ‘Werklust de Panoven’ is aiming to realise this mutual relationship. Our partners in this program are Pluryn/Werkzin and Netwerkschool Helicon.

Buitengoed de Panoven

Panovenweg 18
6905DW Zevenaar
T:  00-31-(0)-316-523520

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