New range of wines from the German region!

Posted on 28 November 2016 by Buitengoed de Panoven

Since this autumn, we are proud to announce that we will provide a new range of wines from house Welker-Emmerich, that is owned by Thomas Emmerich, Anja Moser and Markus Emmerich. For a long time, family Welker-Emmerich is producing gorgeous traditional wines. German vintners are known for their sustainable way of cultivation. Most wineries in Germany are relatively small in scale and still do most of their work by hand. This shines through in the quality of their wines and adds to the idyllic charm of the countryside. The family Welker-Emmerich manages 16 hectares of vines according to the guidelines ‘Kontrolliert Umweltschonender Weinbau’ (KUW), or Certified Environmentally Viticulture. The wines tend to be fragrant and rich, with more body and an acidity, because of the low and late harvest.

More information about the wines of house Welker-Emmerich is available via this link

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