Mission & Vision 

To be able to conserve and develop our heritage, we look at sustainable business models and smart maintenance concepts. After all, we keep this place running without any funding. While further designing the spatial quality of our country estate, we take corporate responsibility and the public interest into account. We hope that visitors, tourists, families, students or businesses may enjoy the heritage and cultural historic river landscape to the fullest and intheir own way. With basic products like water and clay ,we try to design the experience for our guests as well as the activities that go along with it. We want to make our heritage accessible and available so that it can be experienced. 

The Kruitwagen-Hajenius family puts sustainable conservation and development of the heritage first. Our mission is to make sure that Panoven Country Estate will still be there in the century to come. The only way to do this is by further develloping the heritage in line with the cultural history of the Liemers and the natural landscapes of the Gelderse Poort ( a National Park). The quality and the liveability of the neighbouring landscape are very important to us and are, so to speak, the business card of our cultural heritage. Therefore, we invest in the quality and development of the landscape and the picture story of the Liemers and the Gelderse Poort.

Social mission
Panoven Country Estate is a socially involved heritage organisation that tries to use this social participation in favor of young people in vulnerable positions to keep going forward. In working together with care groups and students, the Panoven is able to manage and maintain its heritage.The Panoven has been working in this fashion over the last couple of decades. The brick factory has always known a culture of social responsibility. Everybody counts!

Green Key
In order to maintain the heritage in a sustainable way, Panoven Country Estate has been alotted the golden standard of Green Key, a European merit.  

Buitengoed de Panoven

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6905DW Zevenaar
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