Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Environmental Responsbility (CER)

A Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR, ‘MVO’ in Dutch) values how profit is made, not how much profit is made. The social aspect of management is important here. Panoven Country Estate is a good example when talking about CSR. We really care about our visitors and contributors. By working with learning and care programmes, we offer everyone a chance to take their part.

Recent years have shown a growing environmental awareness. We need nature. This awareness is also called a Corporate Environmental Responsibility (CER, ‘LVO’ in Dutch). We support this philosophy at Panoven Country Estate. The estate is located between recreation areas Breuly (a natural outdoor swimming facility) and Rijnstrangen (a campsite and river flood plain). These unique nature reserves are an important asset to the Panoven identity and the surrounding areas are very important to everything that goes on here at Panoven Country Estate.

Buitengoed de Panoven

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